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The fiberglass pool specialist all over Quebec and Canada
Point of sale:

Welcome to Okeanos fiberglass pool,
your fiberglass pool specialist. 

With our range of fiberglass swimming pools, our rates are suitable for all budgets. Make your submission and contact your nearest agency. 
We install all over Quebec and we sell all over Canada. 

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What is a fiberglass pool? 

Polyester pool or inground fiberglass pool is the fastest swimming pool installation. It takes 1 to 2 days , while other products require 10 to 30 days of installation. All inground fiberglass pools are robust to defy time . 

continuous innovation 
We regularly extend our one piece pool range creating more current models and trends, while maintaining comfort and well-being. 
Due to this flexibility we have been able to create pools design adapt to the current demand and you can enjoy our pool range with straight depth more user-friendly and playful.

Piscine Okéanos fiberglass pool creator of dream and pleasure.  Pools for Life...